Lightning basics

The powerful electrostatic discharge is one of the most fascinating and spectacular natural phenomena.

Lightning protection systems significantly reduce the risk of damages caused by lightning strikes.

Our services

Taumi Ltd is your reliable partner to plan, build and maintain lightning protection systems in accordance with EN/IEC 62305-3.

The climate is changing also in Finland and extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms are becoming more frequent. Although rare, lightning strikes into buildings often have catastrophic consequences, such as causing fires or surge damage to electrical devices and systems. Surges may occur even if lightning does not strike in the immediate vicinity. While insurances often cover the property damage, the money does not restore memories possibly lost in your family home.

In the event of a lightning strike, the external lightning protection system safely discharges the lightning current to the ground and protects your home from fire. Lightning protection systems must be deigned and installed in conformity with the latest standards. Reliable lightning protection is only ensured if the external lightning protection system is combined with an equipotential bonding system and surge protective devices to form a comprehensive protection system. Surge protective devices prevent electrical devices and electronic systems from being damaged or destroyed by lightning.

Taumi Ltd is your reliable partner for planning, installing, maintaining, validating and certifying lightning protection systems in accordance with the international standard EN/IEC 62305-3. Lightning protection systems can be installed during construction phase or existing buildings can be retrofitted with it.

During the last decade I did research for the energy transition and became to realise that in addition to mitigation actions we need to also adapt to the changing climate to protect our assets. As German immigrant I am stunned how the intensity of thunderstorms has increased in the past years throughout Finland. Also, the growing deployment of photovoltaic (PV) modules on roofs with direct wiring to batteries inside the buildings or the charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) is prone for damages by lightnings which insurances not always cover. Fortunately Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) offer a high level of safety when they are planned and installed in accordance with international standards. My mission as VDE-certified Lightning Protection Specialist is to help customers to plan and build LPS for buildings.

Markus Taumberger, CEO
Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering
VDE-certified Lightning Protection Specialist